A Blurry Picture
"Our greatest fear is not that we're inedaquate, our greatest fear is that we're powerful beyond measure."
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Everyone’s favorite photos.


Above: If you are a regular follower of this blog you will be familiar with the incredibly powerful dance and movement images created by third year Dani Bower. Here are even more examples of what she does best, this time documenting aerialists in a work shop she did with the dance photographer Jim Markland. All of these images feature in the continued development of her graduation portfolio and Final Major Project.


Flowers in December, Phuong My FW13/14 by zemotion on Flickr.

Kara Neko by Chris Vongsawat 

Robert Mapplethorpe

Mapplethorpe was best known for his large scale black and white portraits and photos of still lifes. He also did quite a lot of self portraits, including one of himself holding a knife.
My own preference for black and white photography means that I have quite a strong interest in Mapplethorpe’s work, and I really like his stylised portraits.

Olga by Kyle Deleu
Instagram:  kyledeleu

Red ocean (via Jovana Rikalo)